Młodzieżowy Champion Polski, Champion Polski
Padawan Silent Star

pies, tricolor, ur. 07.10.2007, HD-A
Hodowca: Mariola Skrzyszewska (Padawan)


Ch. Yours Truly of Wizard's Castle Ch. Silvermoor's Highland Chief Golden Heritage from Aaronwell Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell Dolen Double Brandy at Brilyn
Brilyn Musical Mystery
Aaronwell Rising Sunset Lanteague Golden Harvest
Brilyn Babycham at Aaronwell
Silvermoor's Barley Sugar Langili Eloquent Charm Mossylea Shades of Glory at Lynway
Nickarlyn Nicolette
Silvermoor's Barleycorn Ch. Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor
Silvermoor's Sammy Jo
Matai Sheer Magic Troydon Tripple Ice at Carclew Ch. Kourika Mantika at Troydon Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Myberns Blue Misty at Kourika
Troydon Carisma Myberns Master Raffles
Troydon Babycham
Erjon Bluebell at Matai Amalie Envoy in Black Erjon Eyecatcher
Amalie Adorable With Morvania
Pelido Persian Tapestry Carclew Harbour Light
L'Amethyste Duchess Lace
Ch.Aicha of Wizard's Castle Mallicot Best Dressed Man Gerian Sunset Geosan Flashback at Mallicot Ch. Elsamos Starmaker at Mallicot
Ch. Geosan Chocolate Box
Ch. Gerian Sunshine Elsamos Starshine
Gerian Sunbeam
Sandalpark Sharlotte at Mallicot Geosan Flashback at Mallicot Ch. Elsamos Starmaker at Mallicot
Ch. Geosan Chocolate Box
Sandalpark Saucy Lucy Ch. Sylcroft Sorcerer
Sandalpark Saucy Jenny
Stokedale Shanghai Surprise Stokedale Star Dancer Stokedale Shadow of The Night Stokedale Star Brandy
Stokedale Sea Shadow at Wicani
Stokedale Snowstorm Stokedale Star Brandy
Anderleen Swiss Maid at Stokedale
Ch. Stokedale Spice Girl Ch. Brilyn Rum 'N' Black Ch. Jasand Young Winston
Ch. Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn
Wicani Flower of May at Stokedale Karava Blue Kasparov at Wicani
Wicani Water-Nymph

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